Wherever you go, whatever the future holds - you will be Forever King’sKing's College London Alumni event

As a graduate of King’s you are part of a global alumni community.

We want you, our valued alumni, to know that even though your studies have ended, you will always be part of the King’s family.

You are now a member of a community that spans the world, with all the benefits that brings. You have access to world-class facilities, local and online discounts, exclusive alumni communications, opportunities for professional and personal development, and the chance to network and socialise at our many UK and international events.

We are grateful for the time you spent with us and the contribution you have made. We hope that we have played our part in shaping your future. Above all, we want you to know that you will always be part of our global alumni community. We are Forever King’s.

Continue your journey with us – join our global alumni community.

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Our email address is changing

We are changing our email address to forever@kcl.ac.uk. The alumoff@kcl.ac.uk email will now automatically redirect to this address, so if you do use the old email, don’t worry, your message will get through. Our telephone number remains the same: +44 (0)20 7848 3053