Your Instagram tour of King’s


Let us inspire you with some ideas of what to see with our virtual tour of London – with a King’s twist! Here are some of the best photos of familiar places and hidden gems that you, our alumni and friends, have captured in the summer months.

1. Kicking off with Bush House, the new home of King’s Entrepreneurship Institute – the perfect setting for startup companies!


2. Heading across the Thames to Waterloo Campus, even the rainy days have their moments.


3. Nestled in the heart of London Bridge, the sunshine breaks out at the greenery of Guy’s.


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4. Never ventured to Denmark Hill Campus? You’re missing a treat – take a look at the award-winning Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute.


5. Our tour takes us back up to Waterloo Campus in all its summer glory, through a haze of sakura (cherry blossoms).


6. With the London Eye in view, it can only be Waterloo Bridge – who remembers rushing across to catch your next lecture?!


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7. Or maybe you remember heading home after burning the midnight oil in the Maughan Library?


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8. Feeling a bit tired? The fountains at Somerset House should give you a bit of a boost!


9. And so we end the tour back at Strand Campus, where the colours show us the seasons passing by…


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We’ve only shown you 9 of the best looking spots and secrets around King’s and are still looking for number 10. What would yours be? Tag us @kclalumni so we can share your pictures with the King’s community!