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Ed Byrne

We've been in Sierra Leone since 2012, supporting the Connaught Hospital in Freetown, and working to establish a health system by strengthening training, clinical services, policy and research.

But since the first Ebola case was identified on 25 May, we've had to drop everything to focus on fighting the outbreak.

King’s is at the heart of the international response and, as key advisors in the area, the UK government wants other organisations to replicate the model KSLP have in place for identifying, isolating and treating Ebola.

The team, led by Dr Oliver Johnson, has supported the establishment of an Ebola Command Centre in Freetown, and is now providing support to two further isolation centres through clinical training, supplies and technical advice.

King's has access to a pool of highly-qualified infectious disease specialists whose skills and knowledge are desperately needed during this emergency. We need funds to cover their basic costs such as flights and accommodation. We also require further supplies which are used specifically during an Ebola outbreak, such as personal protection suits, gloves and chlorine. With your help, we can continue to help strengthen the health system in Sierra Leone, fight the increasing spread of Ebola and support our team caring for patients on the frontline.

Please make a donation online today or call 0207 848 3053.

Visit the Ebola appeal homepage to find out more

The African Leadership Centre (ALC) has been established by King’s in Nairobi, Kenya. The ALC will contribute to Africa’s long-term social, economic and political development by mentoring and training the next generation of talented, young leaders and facilitate their participation in long-term change across the continent. It will collaborate with a range of African universities and institutions, and draw on experience from individuals and organisations all over the world.
It will offer Africa’s young people a platform for leadership training, equipping them with the insights and skills to guide Africa’s peace, security and development. It will establish a network of innovative leaders.
An African-led model, the Centre is designed to empower African individuals and communities with the tools and confidence with which to forge their own destiny. It will develop a cadre of motivated, effective and responsible young African leaders who are committed to achieving transformative change in Africa.

If you would like to find out more about the African Leadership Centre and how to donate towards the programme please contact the King’s Development Office, view details

The Integrated Cancer Centre (ICC) is responsible for delivering cancer care to a population of over 1.6 million people. We are committed to innovation in research as well as compassion in care. This approach, combined with our location in central London and our unparalleled access to a large and diverse patient base, means we are in the best possible position to find cures for cancer.

We have already made considerable progress in our work; we are UK leaders in the treatment of breast, lung, skin and liver cancer as well as leukaemia. In order to continue to expand our research, and keep pace with the rate cancer cases occur in the UK, we need your help. The more resources available to our experts, from lab equipment to specialist nurses, the faster our work can progress.

By making a gift in support of cancer research at the ICC you will enable our team to respond to needs when they arise, allowing the continued expansion of our research and ensuring breakthroughs in treatment reach our patients faster.

We are committed to finding cures for cancer. Will you commit to support us?

£5 per month could provide essential equipment to process tissue samples from patients taking part in one of our trials; ensuring researchers gain a clear picture of the effectiveness of new treatments.

£10 per month would help provide the team with use of an electronic databank, where photographs and details of tissue samples can be stored for access by researchers both at King’s and across the world, making the comparison of thousands of cancer cases possible.

£25 per month could help provide the ICC with specialist research nurses. These nurses are vital to the running of the ICC, explaining the process and the possible outcomes of new clinical trials to our patients.

£50 per month could help provide the team with a Thermocycler, which magnifies DNA, allowing them to examine how cancer cells mutate and therefore research how to counteract the effects of the mutation.

To make a donation towards the Intergrated Cancer Centre, please visit our online donation page.

Mental health problems can have a significant effect on a person’s everyday life, relationships and physical health.

In the UK alone:

One in four people will suffer mental illness or brain disorders in their lifetime


Mental illnesses are amongst the most common disabling factors for children and young people in the developed world.

Approximately 820,000 people are affected by dementia in the UK

King’s is uniquely placed to lead the way towards a better quality of life for people affected by a wide range of mental health problems, through a partnership between the Institute of Psychiatry and King’s Health Partners. The aim is to facilitate the swift translation of scientific discovery into real results for those who suffer from mental health problems.

To find out more about our neuroscience work, please visit the Institute of Psychiatry website

If you would like to find out more information and how to donate please contact the King’s Development Office, view details.

Bursaries and scholarships support the brightest students and researchers from around the world and those who may have fewer opportunities but great potential to study at King’s. Your gift will help to improve the Colleges tradition of excellence in education and research. Your gift can be committed to particular subject, or allocated to students from a particular part of the world.

If you would like to find out more information and how to donate please contact the King's Development Office.

The Maughan Library houses special collections of over 110,000 valuable and rare printed works, and thousands of maps, slides, sound recordings and manuscripts. These pieces are a valuable resource, for staff, students and academics from all over the world. The Fund allows the College to safeguard these valuable pieces for future generations. Your gift will be commemorated in a bookplate inside the volumes you have helped to conserve.

To support the Special Collections Conservation Fund please visit our online donation page.

For more information about the Special Collections Library visit their website.

If you would like to find out more information and how to donate please contact the King's Development Office.