Frequently Asked Questions

I was surprised that the College called asking for money

King’s prides itself on investing in the futures of all its students, by providing state of the art teaching facilities and resources and  teaching staff at the cutting edge of their fields. The College also provides funding for innovative projects that will support students in their future careers. At a time of possible Higher Education funding cuts it is important for King’s to seek other ways in which to maintain its world renowned education. One such way is to ask for support from our alumni.

Why choose to support King’s?

Giving to your College offers you an opportunity to have a positive impact on King’s students and research projects. This will ultimately help us to serve society have a beneficial impact on the world in which we live. 
Every donation is used to enhance the academic experience of students and help them to maximise their potential.

How do I know you’ll spend my money wisely?

King’s College London works hard to ensure that all donations are used as affectively as possible. Therefore the College is careful to only fundraise in areas that are indentified as in need. This gives the College an ability to guarantee that funds are deployed in exactly the way the donor intends.

We need to concentrate our resources, including our philanthropic potential, in those activities crucial to our future success. So if an activity falls outside our academic plans, it would be wrong for the College to be soliciting or receiving funds under these circumstances.

In common with all reputable universities every year King’s publishes its financial statements which you can view online.
Or if you would prefer to know more about what the College has been able achieve thanks to funding please read the 2013 Report. This publication details examples of the groundbreaking research undertaken at King’s together with a short financial summary.

Are my donations eligible for Gift aid?

Yes. King’s College London has charitable status for all UK tax purposes. But we do not have a charity registration to number because the College is an exempt charity under Schedule 2 of the Charities Act 1993.
For more information please go to the HRMC Website.

How will my monthly gift be used to help?

Choosing to give by Direct Debit is one of the most efficient ways to support King’s. It allows the College to plan for the future and guarantee funding for long-term projects. This is especially important within cancer research and PHD students for whom development of new drugs or treatment come as the result of many years of research.

How will my gift be used to support the College immediately?

Choosing to give to the Discretionary, Annual or GKT Annual Funds helps King’s to place support in the areas of importance right now. This can range from providing funding to help develop new potentially live saving drugs for cancer patients to enhancing teaching facilities. Every donation is important and will help King’s.

How do I know you’ll spend my money wisely?

In common with all reputable universities every year King’s publishes Report, which details examples of research undertaken at King’s together with a short financial summary. So you can be reassured that your regular donation will be used as efficiently as possible. View the latest issue of Report.

Can I change the amount of my regular gift?

Yes. If you want to increase or reduce the amount you’re giving, just call the Development and Alumni Office on tel 020 7848 4701.

What if I move house?

We hope that you’d like to continue supporting King’s College London. We would like to keep you up to date with all the news from the College, therefore should you move please let us know, by updating your Alumni Online details or by calling the Development and Alumni Office tel: 020 7848 4701.

Why have you contacted me?

We want to keep our alumni informed of the work we do how we use your donations and the difference it makes to the students and staff at College. We also would like to invite you to events that may be of interest to you.

If you would prefer not to receive any further correspondence from King’s please contact the Development and Alumni Office on 020 7848 4701 or by email.

I would prefer you to send me an email rather than the magazine

Currently the majority of the publications we have designed are not in email format. However, we do send regular email updates and many of our publications are available online.

Please don’t send me any more information

To request no further information please contact the Alumni and Development Office by phone on 020 8458 4701 or by email.


What are the terms and conditions of text giving?

You can read more about our terms and conditions of text giving here.