Performing Gender at WorkPerforming Gender at Work
Elisabeth Kelan
July 2009 
ISBN 978-0-230-57781-7
Hardback £60.00
Palgrave Macmillan 

This insightful book explores how changes in the world of work interact with changes in gender relations. The advent of new technologies and the emergence of new ways of working are said to change the world of work. This raises the question in how far gender is changing in these new work relations, too. In popular perceptions gender is often seen as something static: people just are men and women. This book, in contrast, explores how the gender binary is established and challenged through interactions in the workplace. It shows how gender is performed or ‘done’ in rigid but also fluid ways. It also highlights how we perform and are performed by gender. The book develops an innovative approach to study gender as a doing in the work context. It does so by drawing on fieldwork in high-tech organizations. It uses discourse analytic methods to analyze how gender is done at work and to show how changes at work are intertwined with changes in gender relations. The book provides academics and practitioners with a cutting edge view on how to make sense of gender in the changing workplace. It will challenge and transform the way gender is seen at work.  

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