Guy's Dentists 1959 reunion

"The Oriental Club is regarded as a haven of calm to the east of Belgravia.  There was precious little evidence of calm amongst the hubbub of 45 chattering Guy’s dental graduates who met at the Club on 6th November 2009 to celebrate 50 post-graduate years. “What have you been doing since the last reunion 10 years ago?” : “Are you still in practice?”:  “Whatever happened to old so-and-so?"

It was such a pleasure to renew old acquaintance and reminisce about fondly remembered teachers (Dean Warner; Mr Robinson; Prof Anderson) and the introduction, while we were students, of remarkable developments such as the airotor.  “How things have changed!” was heard many times.

The gossip continued over a splendid roast beef lunch, now in the company of 15 spouses to add a touch of sophistication to the proceedings. We caught up with news of old friends; George Read Ward, our Master of Ceremonies and indefatigable organiser of the event  -  Keith Isaacson, still lecturing and publishing (5th book just out)  - Ken Robertson, hand on the sculptor’s chisel rather than the dental probe  -  Bill Wiseman, well-travelled cruise-line enthusiast  -  and so many others.

Adding to the occasion, Roger Watson exhibited an amazing collection of poster size pictures evoking memories of a youthful year (!) on ward rounds and working in the old Conservation Room with what is now classified as antique equipment.

The following morning Geoff Keeble escorted fourteen of the group on a visit to HMS Belfast the WW2 cruiser moored on the Thames within a mile of Guy’s. As a result of his considerable naval dental experience he had been asked to re-assemble the dental clinic on board with the collection of equipment from the 40/50s era. Fascinating, but a jolt, when one remembered being trained on such antiques!

It was such a successful event that afterwards the euphoria carried us out into the street making plans for the 55th anniversary. Let’s hope that reality does not intrude!"

Michael Ford (Guy's, Dentistry, 1960)

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