KCH Physiotherapy 1959 - 1962

"On 24th September twelve of our set, ten with their husbands, celebrated the 50th year since we started training at Normanby College. On a bright sunny day we met in Salisbury, and enjoyed a very happy time recalling those years at King’s, catching up on the intervening years and wondering where they had gone. Susan Aylmer-Hall (Nepean), Lesley Brooks (Gardner), Rosemary Cavilla (Baker), Caroline Chamberlain (Yorke), Fay Durant (Clark), Judy Greenwood (Oxley), Margaret Guyer (Blythe), Jenny Harris (Massey), Pat Lisle (Dee), Wendy Pitty (Stephens) and Sheila Wadsworth (Mitchell), were able to attend and we had apologies from the remaining four, Eileen Watkins (Pashley), Wendy Wharton (Barnard), Pat Farncombe (Waite) and Margaret Webster (Smith).

We all agreed that our years at King’s had been hard work as well as fun, and had shaped our lives. We intend to meet again in the not too distant future. We can be contacted via the King’s alumni office and we send greetings to other Normanby College alumni.  Remember those white caps, and Emmies' tasty cheese rolls!"

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