KCH Dentists 1967 reunion

A few KCH dentistry graduates of 1967 met on Sunday 16 August 2009. The idea of a mini reunion came about when two KCH dentists were coming to East Anglia for a holiday and would call in and see friends en route. As there are a few KCH dentists locally (mostly retired!), it seemed a good reason to meet up. We had enjoyed a large 40th reunion two years ago on the South Coast which was very successful.

We sent the information round by email and found that others from further a field were also pleased to join in and one from Hong Kong would also be in the UK at that time  and be able to join us.

We were 13 in all and spent a very happy day in the garden chatting through a long leisurely lunch.

Present were;

  1. John Kay (class of 1967) and  Sharon Kay.
  2. Martin Miller (class of 1967)
  3. Jane Miller (class of 1966; nee Mac Dougall)
  4. Brian Williams (class of 1967) and Jacqui Williams
  5. Elizabeth Williams (class of 1967); nee Heslop) and Don Flett
  6. John Wolffe (class of 1967) and Linda Wolffe
  7. Cheryl Wong (class of 1967; nee Mclean)
  8. Peter Wright (class of 1967) and Sally Wright

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