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Student caller Nyaradzo Mutonhori: 'There needs to be peace in Zimbabwe for everything else to go well'

Calling alumni to talk about the Annual Fund has special meaning for one King's student. Nyaradzo Mutonhori is an African Leadership Centre fellow, who decided to study Peace and Security after practicing as a Human Rights Lawyer in Zimbabwe, where Amnesty International reports that lawyers and activists suffer harassment and intimidation.

"I came to see that in all settings there needs to be peace, or some sort of security needs to be there for everything else to go well," says Nyaradzo. So I sort of shifted my attentions. It pushed me to say 'You might be a human rights lawyer but isn't there need for experts in peace and security before you can do all the legal stuff'," she explains.

The African Leadership Centre (ALC) was established as a collaboration between King's and the University of Nairobi in 2010. Nyaradzo was accepted onto the MA course at King's and subsequently awarded a fellowship by the ALC. "For the MA for African scholars you have to be accepted for an MA in 'Conflict Security and Development' or 'Peace and Security'. You have to be an African scholar, you have to be a member of a university - a junior African scholar in your own country."

"You have to be able to have a clear plan of what you want to do when you finish. The ideal situation is that you go back to your university in your country and teach and also engage in other policy issues as well."

The 27-year-old has been studying at King's since September. "I'm getting more than just the MA," she says. "We also get to do institutional visits - we recently went to the European Union and visited the parliament and the council of ministers. We had a chance to speak with one of the parliamentarians. It's such an enriching experience."

She continues: "I was attracted to the MA at King's because it's such a rare opportunity and I when I saw the annual fund had been supporting the Leadership Centre, I thought being a student caller would be an opportunity for me to give back. I'm participating in fundraising because I feel I've benefitted a lot from the opportunities it has given me."


The African Leadership Centre is one of the projects funded by the World questions|King's answers fundraising campaign.


The African Leadership Centre


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