KCL German Dept 1962-2012: 'The Faffers'

This was the 8th time we have got together after the initial reunion in 2002 when we met next door to King’s and had tea in Somerset House (see photo on Millennium Bridge). This year, appropriately for Olympic year 2012, on our 50th anniversary, we met in Greenwich.  In the meantime, we have met in Germany, Hungary, Poland and Berlin, as well as at two Center Park venues in the UK. Attendees vary, but there is a solid core of folk who travel from various European countries as well as the US to be there every time.

We got the name of the Faffers after a particularly indecisive time in Germany, and we now know it is best if there are not too many decisions to be made on a daily basis. So, a reasonable hotel where there are plenty of options for the fidgets, people can turn up when they want, and a good bar for the real hard-core Faffers.  Greenwich was perfect this time – Café Rouge arranged a splendid corner for our special meal and during the day there was the Maritime Museum, the Olympic site, and of course lots of catching up.

This year being our 50th, one of our members had arranged surprises in the form of engraved glasses and pins courtesy of the Alumni Office, “Kings Creates Legends” T-shirts and – of course – a special “Faff-fest” cake (see picture).  It is fair to say everyone was bowled over! So the best memory this time was the evening full of surprises.

To everyone who was there, and those who couldn’t make it this time, the next venue is Prague, where no doubt we’ll be looking for Kafka (we are Germanists, after all.)  Hotels still to be researched.

For the organiser, it is always a treat when the reunion actually materialises; the worst part is deciding a venue and date, although this seems to get easier each time.  People will make it if they can, and if they can’t, well, there is always next time. 

Friends Reunited was the best help in getting started. We have just managed to make contact with someone we had almost given up on, but we know that there are some who are just not interested, which is fine!

Bis zum nächsten Mal!

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