King’s Dentistry Year of ’62 Reunion

Early last year, Piers Dalby pointed out to me that it would be 50 years in 2012 since we graduated from King’s College School of Dentistry, and would I organise a reunion.  I swiftly enlisted the help of Pat (née Braines) Alcalay.

It had been more than 30 years since we had a reunion, there were 26 graduates to find for the planned event. With the help of the Alumni office, old exam lists and a few phone calls, Pat and I managed to locate everyone. Sadly, four of our numbers have died and a few suffer ill health. 

On the appointed day in March, seventeen King’s graduates arrived at the Burford Bridge Hotel at Box Hill, most bringing partners.  Jenny (née Coleman) Smyth travelled fromAustraliafor the occasion, and others from all parts ofEngland.  The venue proved to be excellent and a warm spring day allowed us to sit in the garden reminiscing during the afternoon.  As people began to arrive, it was amusing to guess at a distance who was in our group, and who were going to a golden wedding party in the hotel. However, as they approached, in spite of all these years, we were able to recognise each other.

As the temperature dropped, we quickly changed for dinner and met in the bar before moving into a private dining room to enjoy an excellent dinner. We moved between tables during the meal  and enjoyed catching up on old times.

Reconvening over breakfast before leaving, we all agreed that planning another event in 50 years time would be over optimistic, but maybe we will try again in five years.

Maggie( Williams)Joscelyne

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