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King's Connect is the online community that brings together King's alumni and current students in mentoring relationships.


In our recent interview, Olympic gold medalist and 2013 Law alumna, Katherine Grainger, talks about what inspires her and what mentoring means to her.



On King’s Connect alumni can choose to be a mentor and/or a mentee.

This gives you the opportunity to be mentored by a more experienced alumnus while mentoring a less experienced alumnus or student. Read about how Christine and Lyn's mentoring partnership is benefitting them both.

Once mentors have joined King’s Connect their profile will be visible and mentees will then have the opportunity to get in touch.

Be a mentor

  • Spend at least 2 hours a month helping a mentee further their career prospects.
  • Offer support, advice and guidance to help mentees set objectives and take action.
  • Mentor up to 10 mentees based on your personal capacity.

Be a mentee

  • Gain access to an exclusive database of alumni mentors who are willing to help you further your career prospects.
  • Select a mentor who fits your requirements by reading alumni mentor profiles.
  • Receive exclusive invitations to mentoring events and network with mentors/mentees in person.

To sign up to King's Connect please visit:

Training on how to have an effective mentoring relationship can be found here. We recommend mentors and mentees set aside 30 minutes to one hour to complete it.

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