The Leap YearThe Leap Year is a collection of short stories by members of The Contemporary Women Writers' Club. Members are journalist and novelist, Lucy Cavendish, novelist Miranda Glover, Anne Tuite-Dalton, Jennie Walmsley, Alexa Hughes Wilson and Rachel Jackson (King's, French with English, 1996). The Leap Year challenges contemporary publishing conventions. It has been independently conceived, created, printed and distributed, yet with the same rigorous attention to detail, quality and finish as any commercially published title. The internet makes the book global, a neat reflection of the stories conjured within its pages, which cover every continent.

The anthology charts transformational moments in 12 women’s lives over the consecutive months of a year. Each story is set in a different country and considers a particular life stage. The 'leaps' in the book are sometimes physical or emotional and always psychological. Common themes recur - self-recognition, reevaluation and reinvention. "Blood and lust in Argentina; secrets and grief in Montreal; passionate reunions in New York; a dance with fear in Barcelona. The Leap Year shows how unexpected moments change 12 women’s lives: from a car-jacking in South Africa, to a ghostly visitation in London; from a honeymoon accident in Kenya, to a divine encounter in Hong Kong... Leaps of faith, leaps from despair, leaps into love..." With an introduction by Kathy Lette.

"Seductive tales of chance and choice.” Victoria Glendinning. "A triumph for women writing today.” Rosie Boycott.

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