King's College London through the years

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Whether you graduated five, 10 or 50 years ago, the chances are your memories of King’s are still strong. Nevertheless we thought we would provide some inspiration for you to take a walk down memory lane. We’d love to expand the list, so if you have a story you’d like to share please get in touch.

If you graduated in the 1950s

You’ll know that the Editor’s decision was final back then, much like it is now. This crossword appeared in the February issue of Siphon, the Faculty of Science magazine between 1946 and 1968. While there were no free goodies, keen-eyed students who offered the best alternative clue to number four were eligible for a free copy of Siphon.

Check out the crossword here.

Source:1957 February issue of Siphon

Can you complete it? Let us know if so. And more importantly…. can you think of an alternative clue to number four?

If you graduated in the 1980s

You may remember the Bush House Arcade, located opposite the original entrance to King’s at the Strand Campus. While Bush House has recently been refurbished, the building had a distinctively different feel in decades gone by.

The Bush House Arcade was home to a number of businesses in the 1980s, including:

  • Jerry’s heel bar
  • Penfriend – repairing your pens for exam success!
  • The Sandwich Bar

Check out this retro advert.

Source: The Other Paper, 1988, March, issue 4

Does it make you want to catch up with old friends? We hope so…

Bush House is now home to the newly opened King’s Business School, the Entrepreneurship Institute and a new art space in the arcade.

If you graduated in the 1990s

Chances are you may have embarked on an epic post-university journey like this couple. GKT alumni Peter Burdon and Lindsey Campbell (both Pharmacology, 1998) married in 2005 and set off on a 14-month honeymoon through Russia, Asia and South America.

‘We had often talked about travelling,’ says Peter, ‘but it wasn’t until I proposed that Lindsey came up with her grand plan.’ Inspired to write by the loyal readership of his travel blog, Burdon published a travelogue, Come Away with Me, and photo diary, A Year on the Road, with proceeds going to charities encountered on their journey.

‘I cannot really label one place as my favourite,’ says Burdon. ‘However, Lyndsey and I have every intention of returning to Chalalán, an eco-lodge deep in the Bolivian rainforest. It is a beautiful and remote setting. Sergio, our guide, went to great lengths to tell us about his culture and asked us if we might return so that he could take us to his village. We promised we would, and have every intention of keeping our word.’

When asked if the couple have any ‘grand plans’ for future travel, Burdon replied, ‘I would like to retrace the exact route we took on our honeymoon in 30 years or so, to see how things have changed. We shall see...’


We hope so. Now it’s time to organise your own King’s reunion at Alumni Weekend.